Partition Design

Interior walls are often used in addition to the load-bearing walls in modern homes. They can perform different functions depending on the space design. Partitions of different materials can serve as elements of zoning, to be a support for a variety of storage systems, appear as arrangement of the video area, or simply serve as a decorative element. We hope that the interesting interior partitions room zoning design ideas, practical and functional variants of interior partitions will inspire you for the small renovation or reconstruction of your own house or apartment.


Speaking simply, interior wall is the mere wall but in a lightweight version. The main function of partitions is the division of space, therefore – area zoning. But there are also decorative partitions, which carry a very conventional separation and is more likely for decoration of the interior. There are blank, transparent and combined design types of partitions for space zoning.



partition design 16


partition design 11

partition design 12

partition design 13

partition design 14

partition design 15

partition design 4

partition design 2



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